About Us

Our adventure started in 2016 when, after much searching, we finally found “our” home that we had built in our dreams, the same that we had always wanted.A typical Tuscan farmhouse, full of charm,with stone facade and white windows.
A farmhouse surrounded by nature but just as close to the city of Lucca, Montecatini, Florence and Pisa …. embellished by a large garden where to play our little Alice with a beautiful olive grove as a backdrop. So all started, thus was born our project.
First we wanted to give a Provencal touch to the structure by installing turquoise shutters and furnishing it with Secondhand items recovered around the markets throughout Italy (and beyond!).
These are the two great passions that we wanted to convey: Provence and the Brocante.And these are the same flavors that you will find even in the rooms of our small B & B, furnished in a blend of ancient objects that hold in its own history and modern design, full of comfort and modernity.
And here that we are waiting: in a quiet and charming atmosphere where you will be greeted as “old friends” and not as mere guests.